Vacation Is All I Ever Needed

Barkley lays on his bed by the fireplace. I am rocking in my recliner while looking out the sliding glass windows. The gas fireplace is on, and the heat from it relaxes me.  ME: You know Barkley, driving there and back to the Finger Lakes – we were in the car for twenty-two hours – […]

Last Day Blues

Barkley, Lily, and I are in the living room waiting for Leah to wake up. It’s morning on the last day of my vacation. I am feeling a little bit blue. I decide to talk it out with them. Lily, a dog with so many feelings it’s scary, lays content on the couch. Her stare […]

Calling Out East

Barkley and his bestie, Lily, are on the back deck, two long lead restrict how far they go. They roam the porch as I am standing by its railing watching the sun go down. The house I am renting is close enough to a lake, and I can see the sun fall over the horizon […]

Hand Injury

Due to my right hand being injured, I am taking a short leave from Babbling with Barkley. I hope to return soon. Until then, peace in your nows.

Let Me Tell You About His Best Friend

Barkley lies on the sofa. He lays on a blanket I brought with me to catch as much hair as I can, a courtesy for the owners of the Airbnb. In a protective move, Lily, my daughter’s dog and Barkley’s best friend, is in her open kennel, gnawing the bone I just gave her. Barkley […]

Talking it on the Road

BARKLEY lounges in the backseat on his bed, tethered by a seatbelt specifically made for dogs. I start the car, back out of the garage, and drive down the asphalt driveway. It’s 4:30 in the morning. All is calm and all is dark black. ME: Well, Mr. Barkley Avenue, we are going on an adventure. […]

Returning to School

Me: Look at me, Mr. B. Going back to school….at 60…almost 36 years since I graduated college. I never thought this when I was younger, but now, I get it. Age is only a number and you can do whatever you want whenever you want. I mean, you can’t. Being a dog restricts you. You […]

Birthday Bash Reflection

I sit on my chair, for I am now old enough to have my own chair. The metallic curtains of 60th Birthday decorations surrounds my space. They are the ones my daughter put up two days earlier when she came in from the east coast to throw my zoom birthday party. The celebration was a […]

Sharing the Back Porch With Barkley

The gurgle of the wine pouring out of the bottle sends Barkley at my feet. He looks up at me, dances a dance a circus dog would envy and runs to the screened in back porch. It’s that time. It’s my time to UNwine after a day of writing with a glass of Chardonnay, and […]

A Walk in a Park

Yesterday, loneliness took up some space in my life . It had stayed from the day before, an uninvited, surprising weekend guest from this life of widowhood. Weekends are like that for me, sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes. Maybe it is for many people. Weeks are taken up by the day-to-day which sends […]