Having Fun in the Tunnel

Boy, have I had the days lately.  Oh, last night was a fun night. I had a great time and felt some emotions I haven’t in a while – relaxed and silly.  Let me tell you, after a crappy, stressed-filled couple of days, recovering from a fairly brutal days this week, I needed a good […]

Decisions, Decisions

In the past seven months and one week, I have been on my own. It’s a place and time I didn’t think I would be when I said “I do” at the alter. I’ve already talked about how I thought I was going to die before Peter, and how I wanted him to promise he […]

Parties Not So Super Lately

I stood there, trying to engage in conversation, forcing myself to speak, and laugh, and  to push through the wall Grief built around me a day earlier. I looked around at my college friends who I love, have loved, for over thirty-five years and I wanted to be in the moments because we always have […]

Closing Doors

Today, it is seven months without Peter, and yesterday, I had a closure. An annoyance that circled my head for months was finally shot down. The civil lawsuit was officially closed. The details aren’t important, nor, surprisingly, do I want to share them. Suffice to say, I signed on the line and it was done. […]

So Sorry for Your Indescribable Pain, Ms. Bryant

“There aren’t enough words to describe our pain…” so started Venessa Bryant’s tweet yesterday in regards to the deaths of her husband, Kobe Bryant, and their child, Gigi Bryant. As I said before, and I will continue to say, the worse pains to strike an individual is the death of a child, followed by the […]

Anchor of Blessings

Sunday, I had my book signing. Normally a book signing is in conjunction with the book’s release date, but you know, normal doesn’t happen in my life anymore. When the book was released, widow’s fog was so thick in my life, just to see the step ahead proved to be a chore. I struggled coping […]

Book Signing Ending

Today is my book signing. A day I celebrate my book and all the hard work put in to get it out there, into the world, forever.  Wow. That’s so cool. It will also be a day I celebrate without Peter. I think he would be proud of me. I think he would be applauding […]