A Needed Conversation

We had to have it, one of those difficult conversations in life. I had to tell Barkley he wasn’t the center of my world. I’m still not sure how he took it, but here’s how it went down. We were out on my screened in porch, the place I sit with my morning tea, and […]

Decisions, Decisions

Me: Here’s the thing Barkley, I backed out of another decision. I know. I know. I do that often. Why you ask? I don’t know. Barkley sighs. Me: Yeah, you’re right. I don’t fully know because it’s just a complicated question with complicated answers. Maybe the reasons aren’t important. Maybe they are. Barkley sits waiting. […]

Discussion About Launching

“Barkley Boy, you know how I talk to you? How I tell you my deepest secrets, my loneliest thoughts, my reflections on life? You know how I cry around you, laugh around you, scream around you? You know how I figure out the most complex of problems and the lightest of remedies? And you know […]